José G. Onieva Sculptor


Jose María G. Onieva was born in Madrid - Spain- in 1956.

He began his studies as an architect while completing his vocational training in art.   Jose G. Onieva embarked on a period of full time self-study with art and sculpture, in Florence and Verona – Italy –, after which he returned to Madrid where he began to find a steady audience of collectors of his work.

His pieces – mostly in bronze - are closely related to nature: plants, trees, animals, geometrical balances such as tightrope walkers… and are inspired in everydays life.

For the past thirty years, the sculptur Jose G. Onieva has produced original artwork for a wide variety of public areas, architectural projects, and both interior and outdoor decorating designs. In addition, his work has been commissioned by prestigious national and international award foundations.

Sculptures, busts, fountains, ornamental building tops, weather vanes, tables…

His sculptures are to be found in the collections of numerous private and corporate clients as well as in those of public organizations throughout Spain, Europe and the United States.